I’m afraid this week I don’t have much to share by way of new material. There are so many blocks that need to be made for this red and black quilt that I’m just focusing on getting them all done.

However, I did start on the second set of blocks that are very similar to the ones I did last week, they just have a black corner square rather than a red corner square. When I’m all done with both sets of blocks I’ll ave 51 total. Holy cow.

I will say that my Ideal Seam Guide has been the key to the success I’m having with these blocks. These blocks are full of lines that need to run parallel to each other and it would be so obvious if they were crooked or wavy.

These new blocks aren’t completely finished yet. At this point they measure 9″x 9″. They are missing the last inch that I still need to cut and add on. I’m waiting until they’re all finished to figure out if I have enough of the grey ombre fabric or if I need to do the additional inch in black instead.

I think they’ll look good either way.

So far I’m finding the repititious blocks relaxing. I like knowing what I’m doing and being able to just go through the motions. I tend to like repetition though. How do you feel about making repetitive blocks? Do you find it monotonous or do you find it relaxing?