Sew Very Smooth is About Our Family

Sew Very Smooth is owned and operated by LuAnn and Steve Tippets and is currently based in Idaho Falls, ID.  We ship our products from Portland, OR.

In May of 2010, we were recruited by Sew Steady to show their tables at quilt shows and became an Authorized Dealer. We started Sew Very Smooth and since have become the largest quilt show retailers of the Sew Steady Portable Tables in America.

We immediately developed and launched the Sew Very Smooth Polish Kit.  When applied according to directions, it helps fabric seemingly float on any sewing surface. It became an instant hit in every corner of the country and is our signature product.

When we introduced the Ideal Seam Guides and Ideal Seam Gauge in 2012 our business erupted! These simple but innovative tools help artists of all skill levels to sew straight seams…effortlessly. The Ideal Seam Guides are a hit and we are developing partners all over the world.

In 2014 we launched the Ideal Quilt Guide, bringing “Sew-Tacky Technology” to the Long-arm and machine quilting world. Straight line quilting is solved!  Another HOME RUN!


LuAnn & Steve

We love going to quilt shows and have met some of the most wonderful people in the world. Many of them have become our customers and we’ve tried to treat them like family.

All of our 7 children and their families have participated in this grand adventure in one way or another.

We are happy you have found our website and hope you enjoy your visit!

Oh yes, and of course…we hope you invest in our wonderful products!

– LuAnn & Steve


Our Family is Sew Very Smooth