I actually started to make some progress this week. 

When I laid the blanket out to make sure there weren’t any areas that would cause puckering when it was quilted I noticed that it wasn’t laying as flat as it had when I put it away. I was able to smooth them down but I knew I wouldn’t be able to smooth as I go if I started on the outside and worked my way to the middle.

The solution was pretty simple. Quilt the middle section first and then work on the edges. 

While working on the middle section I ran out of off white thread. It took a few days to get to the store to purchase more so I was only able to get the middle section done this week. 

I will admit that the horizontal lines aren’t as straight as they could be, but that was my own fault. I didn’t mark halfway down the blanket to use as a guide. I also should have cleaned the Quilting Guide I was using. It had picked up quite a bit of fibers and wasn’t really tacky anymore but I was stubborn and kept on quilting. 

 I may end up being bugged enough to pick them out and re-sew them, but for now I will leave it the way it is. I’m finding that it’s okay that it’s not perfect. The flaws are what make it unique and special. They also show that I am only human and make mistakes. 

Next week I will continue to working on quilting to the edges. I had originally planned to use a different color thread for each section but I may keep with off white throughout. I have the whole weekend to decide though. Wish me luck.