This week I tackled the parts of the quilt that I’d been dreading. 

The areas of concern were the top and bottom of the main center panel. Each of these sections have a celebratory banner and each triangle has been appliqued onto the quilt. I kept putting off quilting this area because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to quilt over the appliqued sections or quilt around them. 

I completed a Spring quilt last summer that also had applique pieces on it and when I quilted it I avoided the applique pieces and just left them unquilted. After spending a lot of time staring at the completed quilt I’ve decided that I love how the quilt looks from the top but I don’t really like how it looks from the back. There are random blank spots on the quilt and even though they’re small they bother me. 

The appliqued triangles on this celebration quilt are larger than the ones on my Spring quilt so the holes on the back would be very noticeable if I were to quilt around them. I didn’t want to have any moments of regret with this quilt but I wasn’t sure if I would even like how it would look if I quilted over the appliqued banner. 

This week forced me to finally make a decision because I really wanted to have the middle completed before I quilt the border. 

I decided to quilt over the banner and I’m really glad I did. It’s really not that noticeable from the front because the off white thread blends in with the banner pieces but it stands out on the black background of the backing.  

The only things I have left are the outside border and then the binding. I know I can finish the quilting by the end of next week but I’m not sure about the binding. I would love to be able to have this finished by the end of May since I didn’t make my May deadline. My little May birthday is so excited at the thought of using it the whole month of June rather than May. Talk about drawing out your birthday celebration.