There were times when I felt like I would never finish this quilt. It’s always interesting to think about why some things are more difficult than others, especially considering the fact that I love quilting. 

This particular hurdle was deciding on the quilting pattern. I knew it would be hard to decide on what I should do for certain areas of the quilt so I found myself dragging my feet on the assembly process so I wouldn’t have to make that decision. Eventually I did finish the quilt and had to make that final decision. The results are better than I expected them to be!

I’m glad I settled on using one color of thread throughout the whole quilt. I like the unifying look on the back of the quilt and the fact that you can’t really see it in certain areas of the front. 

The best part of finishing this quilt has been watching my daughter enjoy it. She loves getting to use the special quilt to sleep with and snuggle on the couch with. My second oldest daughter is counting down the days to July when it will be her turn to use it for the month. 

Next week I won’t be able to get any sewing done and I will miss my Friday post for the first time in over a year and a half. I have a good excuse for it though. I will be camping with my church’s youth group all week and I will be completely unplugged from the internet. I’m kind of looking forward to spending a week without the distractions of the interwebs. I will miss getting my sewing done, but you can’t always have everything. I’ll be back in two weeks.