I’m so close to finishing this fun quilt!

Completing the quilting around the boarder took some patience, but it was relatively easy to do, especially with my Quilting Guide. I was able to make perfect ‘X’s without taking the time to mark them like I did the rest of the sections. Even having to mark those other sections wasn’t too bad with the Quilting Guide. I only had to place small dots to mark where I wanted to quilt rather than complete lines that I would need to quilt over. It was a pretty quick process. 

Once that was finished I had to prepare my binding. I am happy to report that I put the binding together without looking up some videos to remind me how to do it. It always feels really good to get the binding sewn on to the freshly trimmed quilted sandwich. Especially when you love the color that you’ve used. The red is so perfect for this fun quilt. 

I’m particularly proud of my corners. I took the time to make sure they were lined up perfectly so that they would miter properly. I’ve only flipped and finished one edge of the quilt along with one corner but that one corner is perfect. 

Next week I will finish flipping the binding on the quilt and hopefully have time to start on something new. I’m not sure what that new thing will be yet. What I want to do is finally quilt the two quilt tops I have finished but because they’re so big I know that free motion quilting would make quilting them so much easier. My free motion quilting is not as good as it needs to be yet to quilt for real. Maybe I’ll take some time next week to practice some more.