This week’s blog will be short, but it is a time of celebration for me! I finally finished quilting my table runner! Yay!!

Once I got in a rhythm I didn’t want to stop. I’ve found I’m a very goal oriented person so I worked on each set pattern along the whole runner then went back and did another pattern. Again, the Ideal Seam Guide made the squares and lines so easy to do.

For the curved lines I wasn’t able to use my guide, but I did take the time to mark the lines I should follow. I’m getting so much better at curves now that I’ve done so many of them. I’m looking forward to future opportunities to do more.

All done! All that I have left is to trim the batting and then bind the whole thing. I love the way it looks from the back.

I’ve been so eager to get this done so I can finally start on my other projects. I think I’ll put the binding on hold for a few weeks and spend next week on the BOM blocks I still have to do. After that I’ll do one heart stocking and then start on my red and black quilt.

If that wasn’t enough, LuAnn sent me some charm packs and they arrived yesterday. Aren’t they fantastic?! This is just a small sampling of what these pack contain.

I’m feeling the need to create a Spring/Easter themed project as soon as possible with these! I wish I had the time to whip something up today and tomorrow, but my sister is in town so I can’t dedicate two full days to sewing. In the meantime I will brainstorm ideas and have whatever I create ready to go for next year.