The blanket stitch. 

This has been an intimidating stitch for me to learn on the sewing machine. I’ve done it by hand a few times and I love the way it looks but it takes forever to complete a project. Naturally, it was the first applique stitch I experimented with during the first week I had my sewing machine but I quickly moved on to the zigzag stitch when I had a hard time following the needle for the blanket stitch. 

Now that I’ve had a year of sewing under my belt and a need to applique a banner onto my new birthday quilt project I thought it was the perfect time to try the blanket stitch again. 

It’s amazing what a difference a little experience makes. 

I pulled out a piece of scrap fabric to practice on fulling expecting to be lost by the dancing of the needle. To my surprise, I had no problem anticipating where the needle was going to go next. It turns out I only needed the scrap of fabric to help me decide the perfect sized stitch for my quilt. 

Once I had the perfect size sorted out I tackled the banner. While using the machine is notably faster than sewing by hand, it is still a time consuming stitch to use. By the fourth triangle I had a rhythm down and was able to move a little bit faster. 

I love the final look of the stitch. The plan was for me to get most of the quilt top done this week but this portion of the quilt slowed me down quite a bit. It was worth it. Now I just need to focus on assembling the rest of the top and plan how I want to quilt it. So exciting!