This week was pretty slow work wise, as I knew it would be. 

On the bright side I had a wonderful Christmas. It was great to have two days to just unplug from all of my responsibilities and just enjoy my time with my family. I didn’t let myself think about unpacking my new house, cleaning my old house, church responsibilities, appointment issues, potty training schedules, or anything else that makes me want to lose what little patience I’ve held on to these last few weeks. 

My house is still chaotic and there is still so much to do, but I needed to take some time to do something for me. That meant I got to sew. 

Well, sort of. I haven’t actually turned my machine on in two weeks, but I did get to finally prep some material and cut out the templates for my latest BOM block. It felt good to work with fabric again, even if I didn’t hear the hum of my machine while I did it. 

It’s not much, but it has helped me to feel accomplished. I’m looking forward to starting a fresh week next week and making myself take the time to sew every day, even if it is just an hour. Everything else can wait for short periods of time. 

I hope everyone else out there has had a great holiday season, no matter which holiday you celebrate!