I did it! I finished my spring quilt!

It was not an easy week and my fingers hurt a bit from all of the hand stitching I did, but the end product is so worth all of that discomfort and time.

The finished quilt looks even better than I had imagined it to be. I just LOVE the green border and how it ties the ‘HELLO SPRING’ area all together, especially since I was beginning to be concerned that the green was too bright against the rest of the patterned fabrics. Having the border be the same color evens all of that out perfectly. Plus, the green next to the pink and white sashing reminds me of watermelon which is the epitome of Spring to me!

I also love that I managed to pull off different quilting patterns for the various areas of the quilt. It gives a lot of movement to the stitching and just looks good.

Here’s a close-up so you can see what I mean. 

I can’t wait until Spring when I can pull this out and actually use it without anyone thinking I’m trying to skip over the winter holidays.

The second goal for this week was to complete the most recent block from my block of the month club. Unfortunately that was not possible.

I was able to prep all of the fabric, which is gorgeous, but I have yet to cut any of it. The main reason being that I have an open house for our house tomorrow and I was nervous about all of the pieces getting disheveled by people viewing the house or even by me if I tried to put it away. The safest thing to do was to wait until after the people are done traipsing through my office to cut it. This is the most complicated block I have ever done so I want to make sure I stay as organized as I can to make it just a little easier for me.

For now I will just sit and stare at my quilt some more. I still can’t believe that I designed and executed it all by myself. This sewing thing is pretty cool, but you all know that already.