What a crazy week. The holidays are officially upon us!

It’s Black Friday and bed time for my kids after a very busy Thanksgiving yesterday and day full of shopping (and a visit to see Santa) today. I almost missed posting this week which would have completely upset my schedule for the next week, so I apologize if this isn’t as detailed or long as my usual posts.

We had both my parents and my husbands parents coming in for the holiday so I spent a lot of time cleaning and prepping food, but I did manage to find time to add a border to the five rows, baste, and then sew the quilting stitches along the whole quilt.

It was easier to quilt it this time because the angles were so much straighter and I knew after my experience with the last quilt that I needed to try and keep the stitches on the lighter side, if I could, to help blend them in so your eye isn’t drawn to the weird angles.

What other quilting techniques do you use that help you hide the imperfections in quilts, assuming you have any? Is it easier to hide them with swirls and circles as opposed to lines?

I have so much more I want to say, but bed time is calling. I’ll touch back on the subject next week. In the meantime enjoy the picture of my two year olds feet on the quilt. He wouldn’t get off of it so I could take a picture. The best I could do was get him to move to the very edge. I guess he thinks it’s pretty cozy.

And of course I had to include a more detailed shot.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!