This week my focus was on getting the border on my quilt so that the quilt top will be officially finished and ready for quilting. I knew it would take awhile to complete, but I hadn’t anticipated a problem that I had.

The shrinkage that happened to my material when I pre-washed it caused the border material to not quite be long enough to cover the entire length of the blanket. Thankfully I was fine with the width length and even had to cut some excess off. I used that excess to add some length to the longer sides. It worked well, for which I’m grateful. You can’t see it unless you look for it, just like with the blocks, and it will be even harder to find once it’s quilted.

I was pretty impressed with myself when it came to glue basting each piece on the main body. Instead of trying to hang the quilt over my ironing board to heat set everything I just laid it on the ground and kept my small pressing board underneath each section. I’d glue, place, heat set, then move down. It worked and kept everything lined up perfectly without having to fight gravity.

I absolutely love how it looks with the border. It makes the block patterns pop!

My son is also a fan. When I laid it out to get a picture I had a really hard time getting him off of it so I thought I’d let him stay on for a picture to help show perspective on the size of the quilt. 

The finished quilt top is 95″x76″.

Once I finished measuring it meant I had to start figuring out what kind of batting I want to use for this. I plan on having it on my bed so something that breathes is essential, but I’m really concerned about shrinkage. With everything I’ve read I’ve learned that some people like the antique look that is created when the batting shrinks a little. I’m not sure I completely know what they mean by that so I don’t know if it’s something that I would actually like. I just know that I don’t want to mess it up.

I could really use some advice. What batting do you like and why? Also, if this was your quilt, how would you quilt it? I’m thinking it needs something linear rather than swirls and curves, but I’m not a hundred percent certain. I plan on practicing with some sandwiched squares so I can see what I’m comfortable with. My hope is that once I’ve practiced a few design options then something will jump out at me as the perfect one for this quilt. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I’ve been so excited to get to this point and so nervous at the same time because now I have to make decisions I’m not sure how to make.