I finally finished the backing for my BOM quilt! I’m so excited to finally have this done! It feels like it’s been hanging over my head for months because I’ve been thinking about doing this since October. The crazy thing is that I was worried I wouldn’t have enough leftover material to complete the entire back but it turns out I didn’t even put a dent in my stash. 

I will say that the colors look a little more cohesive in person. The picture makes each square look really muted or extremely bright. The yellow section is one in particular that comes to mind. The part at the bottom doesn’t look nearly that bright in person. 

 I wish I felt more confident in my quilting abilities so I could start quilting this right now, but I’m definitely not ready for that. I had made some sandwich blocks to practice my free motion quilting last summer but I never got around to actually practicing with them. I think I will be spending the next couple of weeks practicing so I can finish this beauty right here along with the red and black quilt top I finished forever ago. 

Along with sharing this finished beauty I’m also happy to report that I will be attending the Sacramento Quilt, Craft, & Sewing Festival tomorrow for the second year in a row. My mom will be driving up from Fresno to attend with me just like she did last year. Last time I had to bring my then two year old son with me and while he was a very well behaved toddler, it is still so much easier to attend something like this without a small human to keep track of. Plus who doesn’t love quality time with their mom?

The best part about this show is I actually feel comfortable with where I’m at as far as my skill level and what may be helpful to me. I loved walking around the show last year but I will admit I wasn’t at a place where I felt like it was a good idea to buy anything. I’d pick up a pattern and love it but I wasn’t sure I’d be actually be able to follow it. This time I am excited to look at patterns and I’m set with a list of things I’m hoping to find and a fresh appreciation for all of the beautiful finished quilts I’m going to see.