This week hasn’t been great as far as the number of items completed but the one thing I did complete was a very large undertaking.

The binding for my mother-in-laws quilt is done!

It took about six hours to hand stitch the back of the binding but it was worth the time. I had my mom to chit chat with the whole time so it actually went very quickly. I realize that machine stitching the entire binding would be faster, but I guarantee it wouldn’t look as good. This quilt is a gift, and as such I want it to look as amazing as it can.

My favorite thing about this particular binding were my corners. For the first time I achieved perfect mitered corners on all four of them. I had taken great pains to make sure that they were lined properly when I sewed the binding to the front and those efforts paid off. I’m hoping moving forward I’ll be able to continue to get the corners just right. 

I absolutely love how this quilt has turned out. I’m so excited to give it to my mother-in-law. There’s only one thing missing and I’m hoping I can get a little help from all of you.

I’ve heard that the best way to give a handmade quilt as a gift is to place a tag on it. I did not know this until this week as I was visiting my mom and unfortunately there is not enough time to order a personalized tag to place on it. I’m thinking I will embroider something and then applique it to one of the back corners. It would be simple as it’s my first and I don’t want to reach for the stars and fall short. An ugly tag could ruin the look of the whole quilt.

So, I’m turning to all of you. Does anyone have any tips and tricks to offer? Any advice that I can follow as I attempt to put the finishing touches on this special gift?

Next week I’m excited to work on my next BOM block. There’s only two more sets of blocks left to make before I will be able to assemble the quilt in it’s entirety. What an amazing time of year to get to focus on finishing such a large project.