This has been the craziest, most stressful week I have had in a long time.

We spent the first part of the week getting ready to list our house for sale. The process of decluttering and cleaning is a long one, especially when you have four kids, but it’s necessary because if your house doesn’t look good in pictures then people won’t want to take the time to come look at your house in person. The decision to list our house was sudden but the right move for my family. I just wish I could snap my fingers and have the whole process over with.

The worst part was decluttering our office where I sew. I had to move most of what I use into the closet so it’s not visible. It makes the room look nice but it sure is an inconvenience when it comes to actually using it.

I didn’t have time to start sewing this week until Wednesday afternoon. The thought of pulling everything out just to put it all back in when someone wants to come see our house made me want to cry but I really wanted to sew SOMETHING. The easiest thing to do was to sew the item I had that required the least amount of supplies, my spring quilt! The only thing it requires to sew is my machine, my extension table, and one Quilting Guide. Easy peasy.

In two days I’ve only finished sewing the patched center, but I’m thrilled with how it’s looking so far.

Each section of the quilt will have slightly different patterns, but they will all be straight stitches. No curves. I’m not ready for that in such a large project. I can barely get the bulk through my small machine as it is without trying to add turns and curves. Plus, I enjoy using my Ideal Quilt Guide. It makes things so much easier. There is no way I would have completed as much as I have in just two days if I didn’t have it.

I’m really nervous to quilt the remaining sections of the quilt, but I’m also really excited to see what it looks like completed.

The goal is to have it finished, complete with binding, before my next BOM arrives. It should ship on the 16th of this month, so I have a week and a half. It’s ambitious, but I like setting my sights high. Am I crazy to think I can do this in such a short time?