This has been a FANTASTIC week, in every aspect of my life! For starters, it was my birthday yesterday! Who doesn’t love their birthday?! My husband and kids have spoiled me all week long, continuing into today! It’s been the birthday that just keeps giving. It makes me not mind turning 36 too much.

In addition to my birthday, I was able to get a lot of sewing in and I finished up BOTH of my blocks for the block of the month! I am thrilled with how they turned out!

I’ve been utilizing all of the tips and tricks I’ve learned and all of the tools that I have. The results have been well worth the effort.

I received a bloc loc half square triangle ruler as part of my tool set for the block of the month club and it’s amazing. It makes trimming everything so fast and easy.

I took the time to lay out my pieces so I could glue baste everything together. It made it so much easier to stay organized and make sure I liked how everything looked together.

I used my Ideal Seam Guide the entire time to make sure I had a consistent scant 1/4″ with every seam. So important.

I spun my seams to prevent bulk. This was a technique I learned watching the tutorials for the block of the month and I cannot believe how much it helps with the bulk. I’m so glad I learned how to do this.

And the finished blocks. They aren’t perfect, which you can’t expect them to be, but for a first time quilt block I am pretty pleased. There are two areas that don’t align well on the larger block, but after thinking about it for a full day I think I finally figured out where I went wrong. I’ll have to adjust with the next block and see if it makes a difference. Basically, I made sure to line up along the seam, that they were nesting, but I forgot to make sure that the seams ended at the same point, if that makes sense.

I have seriously loved learning these little tips and tricks that make quilting easier and ultimately more enjoyable. Please feel free to let me know of any tips that you know that I haven’t mentioned yet. Knowledge is power.

Now I have to wait a few weeks for February’s block to arrive. I can’t wait!