I needed two hundred and fifty-six half square triangles cut out in order to complete the sixteen sashings needed for my BOM quilt. I started working on these sashings back in April or May but I couldn’t finish them all in one sitting because I didn’t have enough white material on hand. Each month I would receive a new bundle of fabric that always included white. Once I used what I needed I would take what was left and cut more half square triangles. 

That alone would make these sashings feel like they were dragging on forever but then the large quantity just added to that feeling. I don’t mind monotony but I can’t stand having unfinished projects. I’m the type of person who loves checklists. I love them so much I’ve been known to write something down after the fact JUST so I can cross it off the list. It killed me that I couldn’t finish them right away even if I wanted to, and I really wanted to. 

I’m happy to report that this week I was FINALLY able to finish the last one. What a satisfying feeling. 

This week was really good for me in the satisfaction spectrum. I crossed off multiple items from my list of things to do from last week. 

 Five Sashings – DONE

Ohio star block – DONE 

Shadow blossom blocks – ALMOST done 😉

I can’t completely cross the shadow blossom off my list yet because they need the final stitches, but I did manage to attach each piece so they’re ready to be appliqued. 

Next week I will get to officially cross off the shadow blossom blocks and hopefully both of the large final blocks. The goal is to complete at least one, but it would be even better if I could get them both done! I seriously cannot wait to start assembling this quilt. That will be an amazing sense of completion, crossing off my first ever BOM quilt!