Sewing the backing of my BOM quilt has begun!

 I haven’t gotten nearly as far as I’d hoped, but progress is progress. 

The process is fairly quick since I have my Ideal Seam Guide to give me the perfect 1/4″ seam, there are just a lot of blocks to sew together. (I have over 100 of them) It is nice to know that I don’t really need to worry to much about my corners lining up because my seams will all be exactly the same size. It will make spinning them super easy which will help the back lay nice and flat, an essential element for a good quilt. 

My hope is that I will be able to complete the backing next week. It shouldn’t be too difficult if I can just carve out the time. Everyone in my family are finally healthy and I don’t have to play nursemaid to any of them anymore. Hallelujah!  

Along with my short progress report, I’d also like to mention an amazing opportunity for all of those young, new quilters and sewers out there! Kids and youth ages 8 to 18 from select states can participate in a quilt and sewing contest. If you have a young one at home with an interest in sewing I highly recommend you check out the website to see if the contest is taking place in your state! Check it out here:  I Can Quilt N Sew

I have a twelve year old who would LOVE to participate, but unfortunately the contest isn’t in California yet. Maybe some day. Until then, I guess she’ll just have to practice on her own.