I have spent the majority of this last week out of town which meant I didn’t have access to my sewing machine. I thought it would be a nice break from the responsibilities of every day life, but I was surprised that not sewing didn’t feel like a great thing. I missed it.

Because I didn’t have much time this week I was only able to complete one step, but it was an important one.

I had to sew together the five rows I created last week. This was tricky because I really wanted the corners to create an exact point. My last quilt only had a few proper points and I wanted to improve on that.

I took my time and so I was able to do a pretty accurate job if I do say so myself. Out of the 50 points that are in the center of the quilt only 3 are noticeably blunted. I’d say that is a drastic improvement.

It’s hard to see the details with the view of the whole quilt so I have a close-up to show the details along with a view of the last quilt so that you can see how much I have improved.

A huge part of why I improved so much was because I utilized my Ideal Seam Guide, and this time I made sure to keep it set at 1/4″ without switching back and forth from that to a scant 1/4.”

The rest of my improvement was just practice. I know as I continue to work on these half triangle squares I will continue to improve.

I am expecting the delivery of my sewing table at some point today. I am looking forward to being able to set that up and see how much it helps. I’m really glad I will have it when I start quilt sewing this new project. I won’t have to fight gravity that pulls the length of the quilt away from the guide I’ll be using.

Does anyone else miss sewing when they are away from home? Have you found anything that you can do while traveling that helps you continue to feel creative and like you can still progress with the projects you’re working on? I would have loved to have had something that I could have done while sitting in the car for twelve hours but I couldn’t think of a way to bring sewing into the car. Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated.