This week gave me the biggest headache.

Last week I had decided that I would unpick all of the quilting that I had done so I could rebaste the entire backing but when it was time to sit and do it I really didn’t want to. I spent some time staring at the back and realized there were ten rows that weren’t effected by the puckering at all. I could unpick all of the rows up to those ten and then just adjust the backing using the quilted rows as my guide. I knew that it wouldn’t go as smoothly as I wanted it to, but it was better than spending all of that time unpicking more threads.

I will admit that I broke down and cried during this process. I fixed the backing just to have the top quilt start to lay weirdly as well. I had to step away and cry for a minute before coming back and tackling it again. My husband was a good sport and was an extra set of hands that helped keep things smooth while I made other adjustments. It was slow going, but I finally managed to get everything to lay the way I needed it to.

I think a big problem has been the fact I’m using older material so it has a lot of stretch to it. Things shift very easily. I starched the material when I cut it, but apparently I didn’t use enough. Has anyone else had problems with stretch when using older material?

Knowing things could shift again I was very eager to get the quilting done so it would limit any additional stretching. I dedicated two days to quilting and I’m happy to report that I was able to get it all finished. My Ideal Quilting Guide was a huge part of how I was able to get it done so fast and have it looking so straight.

I love the way it looks and more importantly I think my mother-in-law will love how it looks. I am so glad I decided to fix those puckered section. It was worth the headache and the effort because the back is now smooth.

My cats are going to miss this blanket when it’s gone. If i’m not working on it they fight over who gets to be curled up on it or in it. I’m thinking I may need to make them each a special blanket that’s just for them. 

I’m so excited to get the binding put on it and call this one done. I’m not sure if I’ll get it done next week or the week after, but I do know it will be done before December.

Earlier this week I received some material I ordered for the sashings and borders of my BOM quilt. If I’m not working on this quilt I will be working on getting all of those borders cut and prepped for my BOM quilt. So much fun stuff to do and not a lot of time to get it done, but that’s the quilter’s way, isn’t it?