This week I had to finish my weighted blanket. The last of it wasn’t hard to do, but man it was time consuming. This has been the largest project I have worked on so far so I didn’t have the experience of working with so much material. Then you add the extra weight of the beads and it proved to be slow going.

As the rows were completed and I got closer and closer to the top it was harder to keep the beads in place as I closed them shut. The last row required me to add the beads just a few columns at a time. That made it more difficult to add the beads because the blanket was ‘trapped’ under the foot of the sewing machine so I didn’t have as much movement available, but I managed.

The beads also broke my first needle. A single one made it’s way into the path of the needle causing it to get stuck and bend. Thankfully switching out the needle was super easy. I was actually very proud of myself for being able to follow the instructions in the manual and not having to watch the demonstration on the video.

The final row took the most time to finish. I had to hand stitch it closed. I would place the beads in one pocket at a time, close it, then add more beads. It was worth it to take the extra time to do that to make sure that that end matched the other three sides of the blanket.

I actually really enjoyed having the blanket on my lap while I sewed. I found the weight to be very comforting so I’m confident it will do the same for my daughter.

I know these pictures are not the best. It is difficult to get such a large project in its entirety in the frame without angling it a bit. The squares of beads are so straight it makes me happy to look at them. I love that.

I honestly can’t wait for my daughter to open her gift. The one nice thing about finishing so close to Christmas is I don’t have to wait too long for her to receive it.

Now that the weighted blanket is done it’s time to move on to something else. I have something I’m really excited about starting in January. I’ll explain more about it next week as I get the details worked out. For now, I need to focus on last preparations for Christmas. I have fourteen people coming in from out of town today. It’s going to be a crazy week.

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope it’s merry and bright for you all!