The colors from this week make me so happy!

Blue hasn’t been on my favorite color list since I was a kid, and even then it was a very specific shade of blue that I liked. Cerulean. The fabric I was working with this week isn’t actually cerulean, but it is definitely in the same family. Red will always be my all time favorite color, but this just speak to me.

We’ve been doing paper piecing for so long that it was very pleasant to go back to normal piecing with the main block this month.  This block came together better than the first few I did, which I’m happy about. And seriously, those blues!!

I also finished the smaller Ohio Star block that utilizes one of the blues from this month. I still have two more of these to go, but I like chipping away at them. 

When I finished these two blocks I had two choices. I could either start quilting my spring quilt, which I’m really anxious to get started on, or I could get caught up on the sashes that go with my block of the month quilt. I wanted to quilt, but logic won out. When this quilt is ready to piece together I will have sixteen total sashes to use in said quilt. At the beginning of this week I only had two of those sixteen done. So sashes it was.

It turns out I’m really glad I went with the sashes. Even with dedicating a few days to them I only have one completed. I was able to make multiple flying geese that make up the sash and finish three-fourths of a fourth sash, but that’s it. I will continue with those sashes today and the beginning of next week. Once I’ve used up the flying geese that I have finished I’ll call it good for now and move on to quilting my spring quilt. I’m pretty sure I’ll have seven finished sashes, which is a nice dent towards the sixteen I need.