My post is a little late and I’m sorry about that. The site was experiencing technical difficulties and wouldn’t let me log in to post. To make up for it I’m posting today and I will post again on Friday like normal. Hopefully the issues won’t be returning. 

I spent most of last week sick along with my husband so I’m amazed I was able to accomplish as much as I did. 

The big thing was that I was able to FINISH the quilt top for my Stellar Stars BOM quilt!

I can’t even begin to describe how amazing it felt to finish this thirteen month long project. It looks even better than I thought it would. There are imperfections, but for my fourth ever quilt it’s pretty impressive, if I do say so myself.

I really don’t want to put off quilting this beauty otherwise it may end up sitting there for way too long. My next priority is getting the backing done. I had an idea in my head of what I wanted to do, I just needed to figure out if it was possible. 

When I finished the last blocks I realized just how much leftover fabric I have. I wanted to find a great use for it and since I couldn’t decide what color to pick for the back of the quilt, I knew I didn’t want white because that would be too much white, the back would be the perfect place to use it!

The pinwheel effect was not my first plan, but I didn’t have enough of any single shade to do a fade from one end to the other. I’m happy with the pinwheel though. I just hope the actual material can do it justice. I spent this week cutting all of the squares. My next step is laying them out to make sure they look good together. If I like how it looks then I will start sewing them all together.

I plan on spinning my seams so hopefully there won’t be too much bulk to impede the quilting process. There are a few blocks on the front that are a little bulky because they were paper pieced together. I guess I just have to hope none of those seams line up with the seams from the back of the quilt.