"Steve and LuAnn Tippets have developed a great new product... 
"...Steve and LuAnn Tippets have developed a great new product which deserves to be on everyone's sewing machine table. Their company, Sew Very Smooth, has developed a set of seam guides which are absolutely wonderful. I recently tried these and can tell you they are worth every penny".
"A Big Thanks!...
"A big thanks to Steve and LuAnn for sharing their fabulous products with me and with y'all! It's fun when you find a great product that delivers and I have to say, these get gold stars". ~Jennifer

"Bought Today!"
"Bought your seam gauge today at Quilt Week in Paducah can't wait to put it on my Baby Lock!!"
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"What a polish!"
"I bought the polish from them from the international quilt show in cincinnati, OH and I love it. Easy to apply and buff. Fabric slides like a dream. Now to apply it to all my machines."
"I don’t know about you but I’m in LOVE! It has a sticky back which gives it incredible stability against the quilt while using your machine for straight line quilting. The best part? When the sticky bit fils up with lint you clean it off with squirts of Fantastic, ball up the lint with your finger, rinse and air dry and then it is STICKY ALL OVER AGAIN!!
Angela Huffman... www.QuiltedJoy.com 
 "this Ideal Quilt Guide...(has a) special adhesive on the underside that is tacky. It provides just the right amount of resistance to hold the ruler in place to prevent slippage."
Dawn Cavanaugh
"Ideal Seam Gauge....A Tool I Now Can't Live Without!!"
Stephanie Tess

"This is my new favorite ruler!!  I like to use both sides - gives me TOTAL CONTROL..."

 Karen McTavish
Quilter, Teacher, Author