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Need a refresher or just looking for more info and how to videos.... this is your spot!!
Setting your 
Ideal Seam Gauge 
& Guide
Ideal Quilt Guides for Sit Down Machines
Ideal Quilt Guides for Longarm Machines
Here are awesome videos produced by our good friend, Angela Huffman @ Quilted Joy in Louisville, KY. 

Angela is a wonderful instructor and we highly recommend you watching the entire video series she has on our products.  

Visit her website at www.quiltedjoy.com to view more instructional videos and to shop.
Angela Huffman
Quilted Joy.com
How to Install a Sew Steady Table
How to Clean your
Ideal Seam Guide
Perfect Piecing Strategy
The Ideal Half-Square Triangle Tool
Quilting with the Ideal Seam Guide
Sew Very Smooth Polish Kit
The Ideal Seam Guide Notch
The Ideal Seam Guide Curve